Welcome to J TORRES MINISTRIES an evangelistic media ministry acting as a voice to the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Where Evangelist Joel Torres shares the word of God on his International Broadcasting Network “WORD OF POWER” and "THOUGHT FOR THE DAY" broadcasts bringing the Hope of God to the lost uplifting their faith to see above their adversities and challenges they face, enabling them to see God’s perfect will for their lives.


Teaching the importance of having Salvation and reconciled relationship with God through Jesus Christ, who died for our sins! Understanding God’s way of doing things, the Kingdom process, the “KINGDOM SYSTEM” how to access to receiving God’s best and blessings here on earth, to fulfilling destiny to having a fulfilled life through Godly kingdom lead principles; A life of opportunities for all kinds of possibilities to having a Kingdom outcome.  


A 2nd broadcast program called "What's HE Been Telling You Lately?"was launched in mid 2013 an inspirational Round-Table discussion broadcast program, by Ev. Joel Torres hosting along side and co-produce with Rev. Mike Bearden, and together come with over 50 years of ministry experience. Rev. Mike Bearden has ministered around the world and has been an associate pastor and Executive Leader for several medium and mega sized churches, his motivational and growth strategies seminars have connected him with thousands of people throughout the world. Through speeches and presentations, he has helped individuals, corporations and other entities by strengthening the individual and developing teamwork concepts. Mike has worked with public servants, entertainers, ministers and athletes.



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